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Readers Respond: Share Your Experience with Armed Guards

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From the article: Do You Need an Armed Guard?
Deadly force. Just using the phrase has a sobering effect. When you decide to hire an armed guard, you are choosing to introduce a deadly force into your business or institution. Not a decision to make without careful consideration.

Armed guard, soldier, entrepreneur.

You guys are morons! Off course you need constant training, practice at the range, and attention to who you hire but most importantly supervision of your employees! The institution is not necessarily the problem but the person representing them. In addition to that, your expectancies are too high considering that most companies do not pay guards something decent! Back off if you don't know what you are talking about!!!!
—Guest Kay

Armed Guards

After careful studys most consumers that are law obiders think having a armed guard makes them feel safer. Most states have other trainning and I believe as a manager of a security company is necessary to protect there selves and the public. Texas has basic training but its getting better. From 30 to 40 hours. I hire only knowledgeable officers, (Ex-Police) etc. having a client trust in me is everything to me!
—Guest Mike1

BULLSHIT stories above

Do you really think it is safer to see an armed guard while going to a bank? I sure do not think so, because the armed guard will let down his guard one day and be killed. For example, he has his back turned, sitting in a chair, talking on the phone, or assisting a prompt question by customer will end in badly. Then Bang.. He is killed and now we have a hostage take over? Most armed guard stand inside the area that needs guarding and are shot from behind for their gun only sometimes!! I dont have to think about this decision, because I know a better one. Why not have an unarmed guard sitting behind cameras for several banks. He can call the police when a situation rises.
—Guest John

Guards need more training

I do security work. I seriously believe that a guard must respect and treat oneself as a professional. Advanced training is much needed but then again states such as California feel that we are qualified with two days of firearms training and refresher courses in firearms twice a year because we are not trained to use are defensive equipment as a show of force like police officers like to do when you even argue with them. Some companies do higher bone heads but the same can be said of police officers ! Can we use more training ? I always remind myself and my partners to seek out further training where ever they can find it. So yes I believe that in firearms training we do need a better training method especially in stressful situations and tactical skills.
—Guest A. Chaney

Security professional

A good idea before hiring an armed guard is to ask the company to view the guards resume. Having worked as an armed guard I can say from experience that levels of training and skill vary greatly. It would be a good idea to select a guard that has supplemental weapons and use of force training. Fully half of the armed guards I have worked with fire their weapons once every two years to qualify, this is simply not enough. Try to find a guard that takes weapons and use of force training seriously by taking classes both in the tactical employment of weapons at his disposal and more importantly the correct time to use force. The presence of such an individual guard can be a strong deterrent to would be criminals.
—Guest C Dent

Armed Guards

I once pushed an armed guard (I was in my patrol car, he was in his personal vehicle but in uniform) into a gas station because he had run out of gas in an intersection. After pushing him up to the gas pump I cleared the call. 3 minutes later I received a call of a theft of gas from the service station. The suspect description was a uniformed guard that had been pushed up to the pump by a police car. The issue is how they are hired, how they are trained, and how reputable the company is.
—Guest T. Kegin

Employee Safety

On several occasions when employees of our business have been threatened (by former spouses, stalkers, etc.), we have hired armed security guards to keep our employees safe. We are in a fairly suburban, low crime area, so constant protection does not seem necessary. I respect guns as a target shooter and supporter of the shooting sports. My major concern is whether these security personnel have been well-trained and understand how to diffuse situations, etc. before the use of a gun becomes necessary. Training is the key and I am not sure all armed security personnel have enough training.
—Guest Susan

Armed Guard a Must...

I will not frequent a bank - even during daylight hours - that does not have an armed guard on site and very visible. I feel safer when I see security personnel in any business setting. If for no other reason than it says the business values the safety of its patrons.
—Guest LA Wolfe


I feel safer in public places if there are armed guards. It may be an illusion but I think that bad people would hesitate to take on a guarded location. It would be easier for them to attack a softer target.
—Guest Joanne

Communication is Key

I have had both good and bad experiences with guards. One common problem for me is they typically have other jobs and they are often distracted and trying to run the other job, while on the job. A distracted guard is more dangerous than no guard!
—Guest Sue Banker

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