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Business Security: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Redact a PDF File in 8 Easy Steps
How to redact a PDF file and effectively remove sensitive information.
4 Best Locations to Position Your Security...
The best locations for your security cameras.
4 Tips for Implementing Surveillance Policy
Tips for using security cameras while respecting employee privacy.
4 Things to Consider before Using a Dummy...
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6 Security Policies You Need for Your Company
An introduction to the written security policies needeed to protect an organization.
7 Free and Efficient Antivirus Programs
A listing of free software for home use and trial downloads of business applications.
6 Steps to Developing Effective Key Control...
Do you have enforceable and up-to-date key control policies? An introduction to key control and key control policies.
2 Ways You Can Avoid Data Theft by Erasing a...
How to completely erase a hard drive so that data cannot be retrieved.
Penetration Testing: What Is It? Do I Need It?
An introduction to penetration testing,and how it can help protect your business.
A Veteran Security Officer Provides Insight...
A veteran Security Officer provides insight into his challenging profession
4 Things You Can Do to Secure Your Smartphone
4 steps you can take now to protect your smartphone from viruses and hackers.
Sample Visitor Access Policy for Your Business
A sample Visitor Access Policy for a small to mid-sized business to use as a guide. Use this as a starting point for drafting your own policies.
What You Should Know about Physical Security
An introduction to physical security
How Your Twitter Account Makes It Easy to Stalk...
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Covert Security Cameras
An introduction to covert surveillance cameras
Security Camera Basics
A guide to using video cameras in your business security program.
Introduction to Electronic Access Control
An introduction to Electronic Access Control with tips on choosing the system that is best for your business.
A Sample Opening and Closing Policy
A sample opening and closing policy that can be modified to use in most retail security environments.
Starting Your Business Continuity Plan
5 Items to consider before writing a Business Continuity Plan. Includes resources for developing a formal plan.
A Building Security Checklist
A checklist that will help to implement the principles crime prevention through environmental design.
Security Cameras You Should Know
An introduction to four innovative security camera technologies (and one you should avoid).
How to Choose a Deadbolt Lock
How to choose a deadbolt to secure a business
Understanding Your Security System
How a Security System Protects Your Business
Protecting Your BlackBerry
Four steps you can take to protect the data on your BlackBerry
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Buildings and properties are designed to prevent damage from the force of the elements and natural disasters. They should also be designed to prevent crime.
The OnGARD Security Door Brace
An introduction to the OnGARD Security Door Brace.
Video Surveillance: State of the Art Options
A Short History of Video Surveillance Technology
Building Security 101
A introductory guide to securing your business.
Online Banking Security
7 Best Practices for Securing Your Online Transactions
Do You Need an Armed Guard?
The Pros and Cons of Armed Security
Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's...
Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli offers insight into the lawsuit against LifeLock
10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Secure Your...
10 things that businesses can do to protect people, property and information.
Security Cameras for the Workplace
An introduction to the latest techniques and technology you can use to add security cameras to your business or home office.
The LifeLock Files
An inside look at a pioneering security company
Sample Website, Blogging and Social Media Policy
A Sample Website, Blogging and Social Media Policy for Businesses
The 5 Dumbest Hacks of All Time
Five of the dumbest hacks ever attempted.
How to Protect Your Home Office with a D-Link...
How to install and use a D-Link wireless security camera.
Copier Hard Drive Security
How to secure the information on your copier hard drive
Infrared Security Cameras
What is an IR camera, and how do you use it?
Do I Need Electronic Access Control?
A guide to evaluating your need for Electronic Access Control with links to several manufacturers. Page 2.
Securing Your Laptop on the Road
Seven practical steps for protecting your laptop pc and sensitive data while traveling.
3 Steps to a Strong Password
A method for creating strong passwords, with tips for guarding your password.
Read the Transcript of the George Zimmerman...
A transcript, with comments, of the call made by George Zimmerman to the Sanford Police Department
D-Link Wireless Video Security
D-Link's new video recorder and cameras provide a plug and play surveillance solution.
Two Security Cameras that Overcome Difficult...
Honeywell and Speco cameras perform well in difficult lighting situations.
Megapixel Security Cameras
An introduction to megapixel security cameras
A Summary of State Data Breach Laws
State laws regulating security data breach notification
AVG Business Security
A Review of AVG's Suite of Business Security Software
The Ins and Outs of Security
How to Implement Natural Access Control in Your Security Program
How to Secure Your Twitter Account
Essential steps for securing your Twitter Account
Staying Safe in Your Hotel
Tips for staying safe in your hotel while traveling overseas.
The News of the World Phone Hacking Scandal
The tracking methods that destroyed the UK's oldest newspaper.
Increased Visibility Means Increased Security
How to Implement Natural Surveillance in Your Security Program
definition of the security term biometric
A Short History of AES Encryption
A short history of the development of the AES encryption standard.
How to Implement Territorial Reinforcement in...
How to Implement Territorial Reinforcement in Your Security Program
Geotagging is a powerful technology that can be used to track you if you are not careful.
An Introduction to CPTED
An introduction to the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Breaking the Crime Triangle
By understanding the crime triangle, you can reduce the opportunities for business related crime.
Creepy Technology
A short anthology of some interesting and inventive methods being developed to steal data and identities.
How to Maintain Your Privacy in the Information...
How to protect your privacy in an information driven society.
Facial Recognition (and Identity Theft) Made Easy
New technology may make it possible to steal and identity with only a webcam.
An introduction to the CyberLock access control system.
High Profile Data Breach Cases
A run-down of some high profile data breach cases.
GPS Tracking: An Invasion of Privacy?
The Supreme Court's unanimous decision in the United States v. Jones GPS tracking case has been hailed as a victory by privacy rights advocates. But many difficult questions remain unanswered.
Choosing a Video Security Contractor
How to hire the right company to design and install your camera system.
A Policy for Dealing with Civil Disturbances
A policy to help businesses deal with civil disturbances
Staying Safe at the Airport
Tips from the U.S. Department of State for Overseas Travelers
Violent Confrontations in the Workplace
Information that you can use to help prevent and protect yourself against violent confrontations
Protect Yourself from Social Engineering
A look at some common social engineering attacks, and how to protect yourself.
Key Control
definition of the security term Key Control
ATM Skimming
How to protect yourself from atm skimming
Pixim Wide Dynamic Range Video Technology
An introduction to Pixim Wide Dynamic Range Technology for Security Cameras
15 Ways to Provide Strong Identity Theft...
15 Ways to Provide Strong Identity Theft Protection
Protecting Yourself on the Road
An introduction to self-defense and personal protection for the business traveler
The Role of the Floor Marshall
A Floor Marshall program is part of an overall Visitor Management Policy aimed at reducing theft and workplace violence.
The LifeLock Lawsuit
A brief history of the Federal Trade Commission lawsuit against LifeLock.
The SituCon Surveillance System
With the SituCon surveillance system, privacy is the norm.
5 Ways Your Business Can Deter Robbery
5 Steps Employees Can Take to Help Prevent Robberies
Threats Against Smartphones Are Rising
A look at the future of smartphone security
Traveling with Laptop Security in Mind
Best practices for traveling securely with your laptop
Deadly Shootings Raise Questions about...
Security lessons from three deadly workplace attacks
Maintenance and Security
An introduction to the CPTED principle of Maintenance
Arrow Revolution Deadbolt
An introduction to Arrow's electronic deadbolt
Hotel Room Fires
Tips for protecting yourself in the event of a hotel room fire.
Target Hardening
Making your business a difficult target for crime
Securing Houses of Worship
Solutions to the unique challenges of securing Houses of Worship.
The LifeLock Lawsuit is Settled
In March of 2010, the Federal Trade Commission and 35 State Attorneys General settled their lawsuit against LifeLock. Page 2.
A Definition of the Security Term White Hat...
: A white hat hacker is basically the same as an "ethical" hacker. In some cases, a white hat will be
Security for Business Travelers
A collection of security articles for the business traveler
Gimme Security
Security Lessons from the Tragic Altamont Free Festival
Data Breach Notification Laws
A state by state guide to data breach disclosure laws. Page 2.
Online Security Tips
How to defend yourself against 3 common online attacks
Down Home Security
Personal attention can help deter bank robbery
LifeLock's Very Odd Case
LifeLock quickly resolves an issue that stumped law enforcement.
Medeco's Nexgen XT
A look at Medeco's Nexgen XT hardware
How to Set a BlackBerry Password
How to protect your BlackBerry with a password
A Definition of the Security Term DVR
How Cybercrime Pays
Why Talented People Will Work So Hard to Infect Your Computers
A definition of the security term, Redact.
Protecting Your Home Office
A Step-by-step Guide to Protecting Your Home Office
The Trayvon Martin Shooting
Security lessons from the Trayvon Martin shooting
What Can You Do to Protect Against Identity...
The lawsuit against LifeLock raises questions about protecting yourself from identity theft. Page 3.
Air Gap
: A method for securing computers and electronic control systems. When implementing air gap security,
Alarm System
A definition of the security term, alarm system.
Attack of the Killer Data
Best practices for securing your data online.
Preparing for Changes to Google's Privacy Policy
An overview of Google's new privacy policy
Not Only For Profit, Hacking has Become a...
Hacking has become the new sit-in.
A Definition of the Security Term Pwn
A definition of the security term pwn
Your Own Private Google
Personalizing your privacy settings, and other ways to use Google anonymously
a definition of the security term CPTED or Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
A Definition of the Security Term "Targeted...
A definition of the security term Targeted Attack
A Definition of the Security Term "Spear...
: A sophisticated form of email fraud targeting a specific person or organization. In this type of attack,
Your First Steps Towards a Successful...
Your first steps for conducting an internal investigation.
Securing Our Industry and Public Utilities
One professionals insight into securing critical infrastructure and industrial systems
A Definition of the Security Term Encryption
A definition of the security term Encryption
A Definition of the Security Term Embezzlement
A definition of the security term embezzlement.

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