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Respecting Privacy While Maintaining Security

Maintaining security and privacy has always been a delicate balancing act. The resources on this page will help you protect your employees while respecting their rights.

Geotagging is a powerful technology that can be used to track you if you are not careful.

Your Own Private Google
Personalizing your privacy settings, and other ways to use Google anonymously

Tracking (and Being Tracked) with Twitter
Creepy is a "geolocation aggregator," which is to say that it gathers location data from social networking sites and image hosting services. Someone using this online tool can map your movements using only your Twitter username.

High Profile Data Breach Cases
A run-down of some highly publicized cases.

4 Tips for Implementing a Reasonable Surveillance Policy
Tips for implementing workplace surveillance while respecting employee privacy.

Small Business Privacy and Security
Most businesses store personal information such as names, addresses, social security numbers, credit card numbers and other account numbers. Depending on the type of data you are collecting, and who you are collecting it from, you may be subject to federal and state privacy laws. This guide explains which privacy laws apply to your business and how to comply with them.

Privacy and Cloud Computing
Using the Internet to increase storage capacity may be efficient, but is it secure? Read this article to help determine if your private information will remain private in the cloud.

Is Your Small Business Privacy Friendly?
Small business has much to gain by adopting a privacy policy. Privacy policies present an opportunity for building customer trust and loyalty.

Can I Record Employee's or Customer's Phone Calls?
Women in Business Guide Lahle Wolfe offers a concise answer to the this knotty question.

Security and Privacy - Made Simpler
Security & Privacy - Made Simpler™ is an ID Theft & Fraud Prevention initiative from the Better Business Bureau providing Small Business Owners with ‘digestible’ information about securing their customer and employee data. Seven major corporations partnered with the BBB on this initiative including Visa, PayPal and Equifax.

Facial Recognition (and Identity Theft) Made Easy
New technology may make it possible to steal and identity with only a webcam.

The News of the World Phone Hacking Scandal
The tracking methods that destroyed the UK's oldest newspaper.

The SituCon Surveillance System
With the SituCon surveillance system, privacy is the norm.

Covert Security Cameras
An introduction to covert surveillance cameras

Preparing for Changes to Google's Privacy Policy
Preparing for changes to Google's privacy policy

GPS Tracking: An Invasion of Privacy?
The Supreme Court's unanimous decision in the United States v. Jones GPS tracking case has been hailed as a victory by privacy rights advocates. But many difficult questions remain unanswered.

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