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The OnGARD Security Door Brace

A Simple, Effective Way to Harden Your Target



The OnGARD Security Door Brace

Global Security Experts, Inc.

Talk about physical security and most people immediately think, Alarm System. Now an alarm system is an important component of a business security plan. But never forget this: by the time the alarm goes off, an intruder is already inside your facility or home office. And he has precious minutes to burglarize, vandalize or worse.

When designing any physical security system, think from the outside in and protect your outer perimeter (your property lines), your inner perimeter (doors, windows and walls) before you protect your interior with an alarm system.

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Forced Entry

In most break-ins, the intruder forces his way in through a locked door or window. So how long do you think your door would stand up to a big, adrenaline fueled dude slamming his shoulder, kicking or swinging a battering ram against it? One of the most efficient ways for you to harden your target is to beef up the strength of your perimeter doors. Most criminals look for victims, not opponents, so if your potential intruder has the choice of bruising his shoulder on your door or moving on to a softer target, what do you think he'll choose?

The OnGARD Security Door Brace

The OnGARD Security Door Brace is an elegantly simple way to secure a door against forced entry. If you're handy with tools, you can install one in about 10 minutes. You'll need to supply the drill. Everything else is included in the box.

Take a look at the image above, and you'll see that the door brace is a two piece device. The floor plate is permanently anchored to the floor, while the top block is inserted when the door needs to be secured.

The entire assembly is constructed from glass reinforced polypropylene. That's a fancy term for the stuff they make fighter planes with. When properly installed, the door brace will withstand around 1,775 pounds of force.


The OnGARD brace should not be used as your primary locking device. Perimeter doors should be secured with a deadbolt or similar lock. The OnGARD is your back up and works in tandem with the primary lock.

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The OnGARD comes with all of the hardware you'll need for installation on a wood floor. This includes wood screws, drill bit and a Phillips Head driver bit. If you're comfortable with basic DIY projects, the wood floor installation should be fairly simple. However, if you're installing this product on a concrete or tile floor, the manufacturer recommends hiring a professional. These installations involve sinking anchors into the floor. Your security is dependent on the strength of those anchors, so they need to be installed well.

Click here for installation details.


Once you (or a professional) have installed the floor plate, you simply snap the top block in position to secure the door. Obviously, once you've inserted the block you can't open the door. If you have a home office; no problem, you're staying in for the night and you've just set up an extra layer of security against home invasion.

The OnGARD brace is also useful if your building is normally vacant at night. Chances are you have a door or two that are not visible from the street. They are likely targets for a kick-in attack and the OnGARD will make them formidable barriers. You will still need to protect your entry door with a wise application of CPTED.

Technical Specs

Material: Polyphenylene sulfide glass-fiber reinforced

Weight: 1.12 pounds (floor plate and top brace)

Warranty: Lifetime

Testing: 1,787 pound static load

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