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Physical Security

Physical Security addresses actions you can take to protect buildings, property and assets against intruders. Topics covered include: video surveillance and CCTV systems; electronic access controls; alarms; locking hardware and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.

The OnGARD Security Door Brace
An introduction to the OnGARD Security Door Brace.

Arrow Revolution Deadbolt
An introduction to Arrow's electronic deadbolt

Deadly Shootings Raise Questions about Workplace Security
Security lessons from three deadly workplace attacks

Security Lessons from the Tragic Altamont Free Festival
Security Lessons from the Tragic Altamont Free Festival

What is Physical Security?
An introduction to physical security

Security Pros Share Their Trickiest Wireless Applications
Security professionals describe their best wireless security applications

Megapixel Security Cameras
An introduction to megapixel security cameras.

An Introduction to CPTED
An introduction to the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Building Security 101
A introductory guide to securing your business or home office.

Share Your Knowledge: Should I Use an Armed Guard?
Users share their experience with armed security guards.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Buildings and properties are designed to prevent damage from the force of the elements and natural disasters. They can also be designed to prevent crime.

Natural Access Control: The Ins and Outs of Security
How to Implement Natural Access Control in Your Security Program

Natural Surveillance: Increasing Visibility to Improve Security
How to Implement Natural Surveillance in Your Security Program

How to Implement Territorial Reinforcement in Your Security Program
How to Implement Territorial Reinforcement in Your Security Program

Maintenance and Security
An introduction to the CPTED principle of Maintenance

Physical Security
A guide to securing businesses, people, and property.

Understanding Your Security System
How a Security System Protects Your Business

Surveillance - Using Video Cameras to Secure Your Business
A guide to using video cameras for surveillance.

Choosing a Video Security Contractor
How to hire the right company to design and install your camera system.

Two Security Cameras that Overcome Difficult Lighting Situations
Honeywell and Speco cameras perform well in difficult lighting situations.

The 4 Best Locations for Your Security Cameras
The best locations for your security cameras.

Don't Ignore Key Control
Key Control is one of the foundation blocks of strong physical security. If anyone can copy the keys that open your locks, your business is not secure. This article will introduce you to the concept of Key Control and how it fits into your overall physical security plan.

How to Choose a Deadbolt Lock
How to choose the proper deadbolt lock to secure your business.

Introduction to Electronic Access Control
An introduction to Electronic Access Control with tips on choosing the system that is best for your business.

Video Surveillance: State of the Art Options
A short history of video surveillance technology, with tips for choosing the technology that is best for you.

4 Tips for Implementing a Reasonable Surveillance Policy
Here are practical tips for using video surveillance in the workplace. This article pays special attention to balancing the need for surveillance while respecting employee privacy.

Choosing the Best Lock for Your Home Office
From State Farm Insurance, comes this readable guide to choosing door locks. This article is written with the home owner in mind, but the principles are just as relevant to your home office.

Choosing an Alarm System
An introduction to alarm system concepts and terminology from State Farm Insurance. Pay special attention to what this article says about calling your local police department and asking how long it normally takes to respond to an alarm. Before you install a monitored alarm system for your home office, you must understand exactly what you can and cannot expect from law enforcement.

Securing Your Laptop PC on the Road
Data security involves physical as well as electronic measures. This article introduces 7 practical steps for protecting a laptop pc and its sensitive data while traveling, including tips for storing and locking your laptop.

10 Physical Security Measures for Your Server Room
Some organizations, distracted by the more sophisticated features of software-based security products, overlook the importance of protecting the network and its components at the physical level. Here are 10 things you can do now to secure your server room.

Laptop Security Cables
Most laptop thefts still take place inside of the office. While protecting your data from hackers, don't forget common sense physical security measures like locking your equipment. This article will help you choose the best cable to secure your computer.

Protecting Your Home Office
A Step-by-step Guide to Protecting Your Home Office

10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Secure Your Business
Think about the records, legal documents, marketing data, cash, and people found inside the walls of your business. Are you doing your best to protect them? Here are 10 things you can do right now to secure everything from smartphones to doors. While all of these suggestions won't apply to every company, if you work your way through this...

A Veteran Security Officer Provides Insight into a Challenging Profession
A veteran Security Officer provides insight into his challenging profession

A Building Security Checklist
A checklist that will help to implement the principles crime prevention through environmental design.

The SituCon Surveillance System
With the SituCon surveillance system, privacy is the norm.

Target Hardening
Making your business a difficult target for crime

How to Protect Your Home Office with a D-Link Wireless Security Camera
How to install and use a D-Link wireless security camera

Covert Security Cameras
An introduction to covert surveillance cameras

Pixim Wide Dynamic Range Video Technology
An introduction to Pixim Wide Dynamic Range Technology for Security Cameras

Should I Use a Dummy Security Camera?
Never include "dummy" security cameras in your security plan.

Medeco's Nexgen XT
A look at Medeco's Nexgen XT hardware

Securing Our Industry and Public Utilities
One professionals insight into securing critical infrastructure and industrial systems

D-Link Wireless Video Security
D-Link's new video recorder and cameras provide a plug and play surveillance solution.

Security Cameras for the Workplace
An introduction to the latest techniques and technology you can use to add security cameras to your business or home office.

A Sample Opening and Closing Policy
A sample opening and closing policy that can be modified to use in most retail security environments.

Protecting Yourself on the Road
An introduction to self-defense and personal protection for the business traveler

Staying Safe at the Airport
Tips from the U.S. Department of State for Overseas Travelers

Staying Safe in Your Hotel
Tips for staying safe in your hotel while traveling overseas.

Security for Business Travelers
A collection of security articles for the business traveler

An introduction to the CyberLock access control system.

Securing Houses of Worship
Solutions to the unique challenges of securing Houses of Worship.

Infrared Security Cameras
What is an IR camera, and how do you use it?

Security Cameras You Should Know
An introduction to four innovative security camera technologies (and one you should avoid).

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