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Create Customized Security Policies for Your Business

Security Policies are written guides describing the procedures that must be followed to protect a business. This topic will help you write and implement sound policies. Topics covered include: internet and network usage; email; key control and visitor management.

Securing Houses of Worship
Solutions to the unique challenges of securing Houses of Worship.

A Sample Opening and Closing Policy
A sample opening and closing policy that can be modified to use in most retail security environments.

Attack of the Killer Data
Best practices for securing your data online.

Managing Your Risks in the Age of Social Media
A collection of articles to help you manage the risks of social media safely within your business.

Sample Website, Blogging and Social Media Policy
A sample website, blogging and social media policy for business

How to Protect Your Business from Cybercrime and Online Scams
How to protect your business from cybercrime and online scams

Sample Visitor Access Policy
A sample Visitor Access Policy for a small to mid-sized business

Breaking the Crime Triangle
By understanding the crime triangle, you can reduce the opportunities for business related crime.

The Most Embarrassing Breaches of 2009
Our pick for the five most embarrassing security breaches of 2009

5 Ways Your Business Can Deter Robbery
5 Steps Employees Can Take to Help Prevent Robberies

Your First Steps Towards a Successful Investigation
Your first steps for conducting an internal investigation.

How Your Business Can Cope with Swine Flu
Steps to Consider When Preparing for a Pandemic Such as H1N1 or Swine Flu

Do You Have a Social Networking Policy?
Readers share their security concerns related to social networking sites.

6 Security Policies You Need
An introduction to the written security policies needeed to protect an organization.

Don't Ignore Key Control
How to develop an effective Key Control policy.

The Role of the Floor Marshall
A Floor Marshall program is part of an overall Visitor Management Policy aimed at reducing theft and workplace violence.

Starting Your Business Continuity Plan
A Business Continuity Plan details the policies that will help your business stay in operation during a disaster. Here are 5 Items to consider before writing a Business Continuity Plan. This article includes resources for developing a formal plan.

Security Policy Examples
Here is a set of sample security policies and templates from CSO Online. You can use these examples to create customized security policies for your business.

Why You Need an Email Policy
About's John Reh explains why your company needs an email policy and tells you how to write one.

Creating Strong Passwords
A method for creating strong passwords, with tips for guarding your password.

Company Policies Can Curtail Violence in the Workplace
This article, from Crime/Punishment Guide John Montaldo, will help managers and business owners develop policies that can diffuse potentially dangerous situations.

Securing Your Laptop on the Road
If your employess routinely travel with company laptops, establishing a policy for laptop usage can help to protect your company data. This article introduces 7 practical steps for protecting a laptop and its sensitive data while traveling. These items can help you to establish a common-sense laptop policy.

SANS Security Policy Project
The SANS Security Policy Resource page is a consensus research project of the SANS community. The ultimate goal of the project is to offer everything you need for rapid development and implementation of information security policies. You'll find a great set of resources posted here already including policy templates for twenty-four important security requirements.

Top 3 Security Planning and Policy Books
From your Internet/Network Security Guide, Tony Bradley, comes a selection of books to help you create your own policies.

Security Trends to Watch in the New Decade
Our readers point out the business security trends to watch in the new decade

Down Home Security
Personal attention can help deter bank robbery

Should I Use a Dummy Security Camera?
Never include "dummy" security cameras in your security plan

A Transcript of the George Zimmerman Police Call
A transcript, with comments, of the call made by George Zimmerman to the Sanford Police Department

Protect Yourself from Social Engineering
A look at some common social engineering attacks, and how to protect yourself.

The Trayvon Martin Shooting
Security lessons from the Trayvon Martin shooting

A Policy for Dealing with Civil Disturbances
A policy to help businesses deal with civil disturbances

Protecting Yourself on the Road
An introduction to self-defense and personal protection for the business traveler

Violent Confrontations in the Workplace
Information that you can use to help prevent and protect yourself against violent confrontations

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