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Hooked on Google (Privately)

By March 7, 2012

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Let's say you're hooked on Google's search results, but you're getting a little creeped out because they always seem to know what you had for breakfast this morning and what kind of underwear you prefer.

Startpage, Ixquick's sister website, allows you to search Google anonymously.

Much like Ixquick's proxy feature, Startpage will query Google with your search terms and load the results through their own servers. You get the results and remain invisible.

Of course, Startpage results will not be tailored to your preferences. But that's the point. For instance, last night being Super Tuesday, I searched "GOP primary" through both Startpage and Google. The Startpage results returned articles from relevant news sources. The direct Google results also included results from blogs I frequent.

So there you have it. One more simple way to search in private.


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