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Penetration Testing: What Is It? Do I Need It?

Monday October 8, 2012

A Penetration Test, also known as a Pen Test is a legal attempt at gaining access to your protected computer systems or networks, often conducted by a third party organisation. The purpose of the test is to identify security vulnerabilities and then attempt to successfully exploit them in order to gain some form of access to the network or computer system... Read More

Security Camera Basics

Saturday September 22, 2012

Video cameras are a staple of business security. Before you begin a surveillance program, however, you need to consider several technical and policy issues. Before deploying security cameras in your business, there are at least 5 questions you need to ask:

  • How can I monitor my business and still respect employee privacy?
  • What are the best locations for security cameras?
  • Can I record in direct sunlight?
  • What type of recorder should I use?
  • What should I look for in a video contractor?

You can dive into each one of those questions here.

Covert Security Cameras

Friday September 21, 2012

A covert security camera can be a versatile tool for loss prevention and investigative reporting. High resolution security cameras can now be manufactured in small sizes, making them easy to hide in some surprising packages. Hidden cameras tend to use wide angle lenses that often only need a pinhole to look through. And as wireless and battery technologies continues to improve, you can free yourself from the restraints of wires when choosing a camera location.

A word of caution however... Read More

How to Redact a PDF File

Monday September 10, 2012

Incorrectly redacting a pdf file can make you look like a dope. Worse, it can expose sensitive information to public view. You'd be surprised how many people make this rookie mistake when publishing sensitive information. Don't be one of them. Read more...

Securing Houses of Worship

Thursday September 6, 2012

James McGowan points out that, "As a group churches are considered high risk by insurance companies, and it is reflected in their soaring premiums." There are many factors that make churches particularly vulnerable to loss. Fortunately, there are also some basic practices that church administrators can implement to improve security. Read more...

Security Experts Recommend Disabling Java Now

Thursday August 30, 2012

Sophos Labs recently snagged a malicious email that exploits a security flaw in Java. This would be a good time to remove Java from your system, or at least downgrade to version 6.

Not sure if you have Java installed on your computer? Just go to the Java website and click on the Do I have Java? link.

You can uninstall Java from you Windows or Mac machine just as you would any other program. For more detailed information on this exploit, and for more details on removing Java from your computer, check out Chet Wisniewski's post in Naked Security.


Tuesday August 28, 2012

With the CyberLock system, engineers at Oregon based Videx have taken the credential, controller and power supply of a typical access control system and combined them all into a compact, hand held key. The key, rather than a separate controller, carries all of the programming for the system.

But they've also gone a step farther and eliminated the need to add new locking hardware to a door. Read More...

Hire Our Heroes

Wednesday August 22, 2012

Founded in 1957, Allied Barton has become America's largest contract security firm. They've now adopted a company-wide hiring initiative called Hire our Heroes.

Hire our Heroes is a program designed to hire military personnel transitioning into civilian life, as well as ensuring that supervisors have the tools they need to effectively manage employees serving in the Guard and Reserve.

The security industry provides some excellent career paths for transitioning military and Allied Barton recognizes that many vets possess the leadership qualities and skills needed to provide high level security services.

"I am so proud to be involved with a company that has taken the initiative to actively promote the hiring of Veterans," says Account Manager Bruce Shrader. "Not only does AlliedBarton benefit from the experience, professionalism and dedication of these fine individuals, but it is a great way to say thank you to those who have served us all so well."

Read more about contract security services:

A Veteran Security Officer Provides Insight into a Challenging Profession.

Should You Use an Armed Guard?

Starting Your Business Continuity Plan

Thursday August 16, 2012

The first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 closed 350 businesses. 150 never re-opened. Other events such as widespread illness, vendor shut-downs, floods, earthquakes and fires can shut your business down as well. The question is, How quickly could you get back to work? Here is what you need to know about starting a Business Continuity Plan...Read More

Online Banking Security

Wednesday August 15, 2012

Sending your bank transactions surfing across the web can be as hazardous as piloting a ship through pirate-infested waters. Here are seven best practices for online banking security. Read More...

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